New creative laboratory for mobile developers who are willing
to experiment with the future of Mobile technologies (VUI, ML, AR, VR, IoT, etc).
If you are a mobile developer
and you are willing to experiment with the latest mobile technologies and devices — Mobilatorium is the perfect place for you. Here you will meet incredible people with the same motivation and get your the most creative dreams happen.

Members of Mobilatorium get access to co-working space, assistance from industry experts, and by-request access to unique devices.

Our current device fleet includes Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Project Tango, iPhones with ARKit, Androids with ARCore, DJI drones, IoT kits for Android Things, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and a lot of other futuristic devices. Also, we are aware of the latest SDKs, frameworks and technologies that make the most exciting developer dreams happen.

Please find more information and our latest news in our VK group. We look forward to see your first experiment in Mobilatorium!

The Principles
Working together we achieve much more than individual developers or businesses, so all members of Mobilatorium are open for collaboration and parthernship with others.
Every dollar invested to Mobilatorium is aimed to return hundreds. Students, local businesses, corporations, R&D laboratories, and universities are getting the most profits from investments in the laboratory.
We are doing regular events in the community to share our latest achievements and learnings. We are interested to speak at other conferences and contribute to Open Source.
IT-Park, pr. Komarova, 21 k.1, Omsk, Russia

Operation time:
Every Saturday, from 12pm till 6pm
Frequently Asked Questions
I want to become a member of Mobilatorium? How can I do that?
Just tell us about yourself through email message or direct message to our VK group.
I have a question that's not listed in FAQ. Can you help me?
Sure. We will be glad to answer your question via email.
Mobilatorium Events
Let's us know your email to get invited to our next DemoFest. You will be able to do opt out, if you change your mind.