New creative laboratory for mobile developers who are willing
to experiment with the future of Mobile technologies (IoT, VR, AR, etc).
I love to experiment with mobile technologies and I see the movement to incredibly bigger place for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things in several years. I invite everyone to experiment with the latest mobile technologies and build a better future for ourselves.
Alex Korovyansky
Founder of Mobilatorium
If you are a mobile developer
and you are willing to experiment with the latest mobile technologies and devices — Mobilatorium is a perfect place for you. Here you will meet incredible people with the same motivation and get your the most creative dreams happen.

Our current device fleet includes Oculus Rift, Project Tango, DJI Phantom, Beacons, Wio Link, Raspberry Pi and a lot of other futuristic devices. Also we aware of the latest SDKs, frameworks and technologies that makes the most exciting developer dreams happen.

Please find more information and our latest news in our VK group. We look forward to see your first experiment in Mobilatorium!

The Principles
Exploration of the Future
The newest and the latest mobile technologies are our passion. We are willing to extend our professional knowledge and impact the future.
Open Source
All Mobilatorium activities should be published to Open Source via GitHub with Apache Commons or MIT Licences. There are no exceptions.
We are committed to be fast in our decisions. We focus on the most important tasks and deliver it quickly. Also we love to create together.
IT-Park, pr. Komarova, 21 k.1, Omsk, Russia

Operation time:
Every Saturday, from 12pm till 6pm
Frequently Asked Questions
Excellent! I have an idea! How can I start new experiment?
Just tell us about yourself! We will contact you within 1 week after your request. Be ready to answer tricky questions to prove your motivation and experience.
I don't have an idea, but I want to contribute to awesome experiments! Can I do it?
Definitely. Let us know about you and we will contact you as soon as we need your help. Also you always can find sources of experiments at our GitHub, so feel free to send your Pull Requests.
I have a question that's not listed in FAQ. Can you help me?
Sure. We will be glad to answer your question via email.
Mobilatorium Events
Let's us know your email to get invited to our next DemoFest. You will be able to do opt out, if you change your mind.
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